Email Marketing

How do you get your lead to pay special attention to your email? How do you stand out from the dozens of emails that are hitting their inbox every day? How can you make that conversion from one simple mailer? LeadOAI looks to provide an answer to all these questions. By utilizing a platform that understands timeliness and allows for quick visual makeovers, you will be enhancing your email campaign to a much higher level.

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Email Marketing

Email Design

LeadOAI provides a unique feature of creating your own email templates just by a simple drag and drop of components or by simply selecting from hundreds of HTML email templates.

Email Marketing

Email Personalization

LeadOAI’s unique campaigns allow marketers to introduce personalization on a different level in order to give consumers a more relevant and lasting brand experience.


Automate Your Email Campaigns

You do not need to wait till last minute to run your email campaigns. You can schedule all your email campaigns with a single click of a button and then sit and relax.


Drip Email Campaigns

You can create Email workflows by using our advanced Drip Campaign builder. You can nurture your leads by creating series of Automated Nurtured emails using our Drip Workflow builder!